Kimberly Truhler

Kimberly Truhler is a writer, educator, and preservationist of the history of fashion in film.

After more than 20 years studying costume design and 10 years curating vintage clothing, Kimberly founded GlamAmor to share the ongoing legacy of the history of fashion in film.  She has written extensively on the subject for GlamAmor and other media in order to show the cultural relevance and creative inspiration of classic cinema.  She is currently working on a book based on her online series The Style Essentials, which examines 50 of the most iconic costume designs from the movies that immediately impacted fashion and continue to influence our trends today.

As a professor at Woodbury University, Kimberly teaches The History of Fashion in Film to students from three different degree programs—filmmaking, fashion design, and communications.  She also presents The Style Essentials to audiences outside the university—from students, staff, and faculty at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) to historical and cultural events for the Santa Monica Conservancy and Annenberg Beach House (former beachfront estate of Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst).  She continues to be called as an expert by those in classic cinema as well, such as Turner Classic Movies (TCM) who first invited her to do a podcast on MGM costume designer Helen Rose in 2011.  Interestingly, Kimberly recently acted as a consultant for Christie’s auction house when Elizabeth Taylor’s very first wedding dress—a highly influential design by Rose—was presented for sale.

One of the special ways that Kimberly shows this connection between costume design and fashion is through a carefully curated collection of vintage clothing. Preservation has become a passion, so much of what began years ago as a vintage retail boutique for GlamAmor is now transitioning into a vintage study collection for research and exhibition.  Some of this vintage is already brought into her classes and presentations to demonstrate the impact of cinema on fashion of the day.  Woodbury University has its own extensive fashion archive and Kimberly brings their best into her theater classroom as well, including pieces by Jean Patou, Adrian, Jean Louis, and Travilla.  Future projects include curating public exhibitions for some of the greatest costume designers of all time to share their legacy as part of the history of fashion in film.

Kimberly Truhler