Jeannie Epper

Jeannie is one of six siblings whose childhood adventure was a playground of stunts. Her family is recognized by four generations in the motion picture industry. Her father was a premier stunt co-coordinator and doubled for Ronald Reagan and Gary Cooper. Her sister, brothers, three children and some of her grandchildren are all stunt performers.

At the age of nine, Jeannie executed her first stunt before a camera. It was a natural calling, and the pursuit began. A few years later, by her own choosing, she took a break in the action. Being of Swiss decent, Jeannie traveled to Europe. She attended a private boarding school in Switzerland where she received her education.

Following her return to the United States, Jeannie was quick to re-establish her on-going career. She was Lynda Carter’s stunt double on Wonder Woman and a regular on Steven Spielberg’s productions. As her workload increased, so did the magnitude of the stunts. While doubling Polly Holliday in Stir Crazy, Jeannie jumped from the skid of a helicopter onto a moving train. Jeannie’s well-earned resume supports her expertise in stunt co-coordinating, doubling and safety techniques. Nowadays, she’s armed with references from DGA co-coordinators.

By 1984, recognition began to compliment her career. At the 1985 Stunt Awards, she was presented with the Most Spectacular Stunt Sequence Award for Romancing the Stone (1984). Personal appearances on talk shows, seminars, magazines and press interviews all became a part of her agenda.

Jeannie was recognized by Women In Film at their 1994 Crystal Awards for her dedication and outstanding work in the entertainment industry. She is a member of Women In Film and United Stuntwomen’s Association, as well as an honorary member of Stuntwomen’s Association and Stuntmen’s Association. She is also currently a member of the Blue Ribbon committee for the World Stunt Awards.

Jeannie has doubled some of the most famous faces in the business: Shirley MacLaine, Kathleen Turner, Linda Evans, Sally Kellerman, Joanna Cassidy, Diane Ladd, Susan Sullivan, Louise Fletcher, Cybill Shepherd, Shelley Long and Deborah Raffin.

In 2004 a documentary about Jeannie called Double Dare was released. This award-winning documentary chronicles her struggles of being a stuntwoman in Hollywood.

Some of her recent work can be seen in Flight (2012), The Happening (2008), War of the Worlds (2005), The Island (2005), Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) and Elizabethtown (2005).

Jeannie Epper